[Diary] After 100 Days in Europe

Dear Friend,

I came back from Europe on 1 July, 2015. I have to say that my journey was extremely awesome so I really wanted to share with you, my friend. That’s the reason why I’m writing to you – to share my life.

If there is anything beyond description, then I would say it is the improvement in your mind. What I’ve learned during these 100 days is beyond description and it is very hard for me to organize at the moment.

I did some notes in my trip so I will tell you a lot of stories which happened last three months.

Now, I have to face the job vacancies and interviews or something like that. My parents kept bothering me about this because they were worried about my future. I hope I can put myself together as soon as possible even if I haven’t fallen apart since I was an independent adult.

I started to have some thoughts after 100 days in Europe, but now they look like buds. I will try my best to plant them and make them become a blossom tree.






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