[Diary] Lost Stars

Dear Friend,

Sometimes you need to change yourself to make everything looks better. However, we lost ourselves in this situation.

No matter the career or the person you love is the same thing, you can’t help but make yourself look like the person they would like to talk to and eager to have. That’s all because we do care about them and  we are afraid of losing them.

The truth is when we forced ourselves to pretend someone else, it would be worse to be like that and in the end we don’t even know who we are anymore.

We are like the stars, we know what we are, and we burn ourselves the best to show people what we’ve got. When the time goes by, we start to lose our energy, or I would say we lose ourselves. We are the lost stars in the sky.

Stars are stars, and we are we. The stronger belief we have, we can burn brighter. The only way we can find ourselves is finding the reflection on us.

Sometimes I try to be alone to think, use my thinking path to find out what I am. Sometimes I try to find friends to talk to and hear their stories. Anyway, when I listen to myself or other people talk about themselves, I can focus on what I am and what I want.

Lost stars are not falling stars, we just miss our directions, and we know we will go back on the right track and shine again.






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