[Diary] Shelter

Dear Friend,

Home, is always the place you should feel comfortable with; however, it is always make you feel awkward when other members of your house try to make the atmosphere better.

I don’t want to blame on anybody because no one makes mistakes in this situation, it is all because of my feeling. Sometimes I think parents really eager to know who you are but they just did it in the wrong way. It is the hardest issue in the world, I mean, I don’t even know who I am after I get along with myself for at least 25 years. People are trying to know each other like for a life time long, and people change all the time so your thoughts about someone should change every time you see them.

The pressure while I was staying at home is you should talk to them every details you had everyday. Most importantly, they will give their opinions about your life, and basically, they criticize about your decisions. Well, I would like to talk to them sometimes, but not all the time. If you think of home as a shelter, then relaxing is one of the elements of it. Nobody would think of making other people getting to your bubble is relaxing because you don’t have your private zone when other people are interrogating or judging your life.

My home isn’t giving me any energy at the moment and I really want to move out to make the relationship better. Before I move out, I will give myself a challenge, that is not staying at home all day. It is also the time for me to discover my city again, now it is the time. Every single non working day I should go somewhere to make my own map again.

Shelter is the place when you feel tired and exhausted you want to go to, instead of the place you make yourself tired and exhausted. Now, my home isn’t my shelter, and I haven’t found a shelter yet. Hopefully, one day my shelter could be my home, and I wouldn’t feel so tired and exhausted at home.






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