[Diary] Taipei Syndrome

Dear Friend,

If we define someone falls in love with or wants to protect people who takes him or her a hostage as Stockholm Syndrome, I think I would define someone loves staying in a happiness and comfort zone rather than leaving this place as Taipei Syndrome.

Taipei indeed has the magic to keep people staying and it is beautiful enough for people from overseas. However, when you are a native, you really want to leave the city but you don’t really want to leave the comfort zone.

After I met Veronica and had a talk with her, I think I am gradually infected by this disease. In the beginning, I thought I was scared because of the new start, but I realized it was kind of culture shock when you saw something different from what you thought out there of the well. I wanted to leave at first, but I was stopped by my parents. I started to get used to the rhythm and the tempo in Taipei, and I started to make myself easier and feel comfortable in Taipei.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not blaming on my parents or how safe Taipei is. The point is that we have different culture, and everybody likes different types of lifestyle. Most of Asia’s parents I know will build a path for their children to go. It is not a bad thing because you don’t need to worry about anything when you live on this world. However, you started to be afraid of making decisions again. We don’t really do much decisions during my history because my parents will get involve with it only when I was not at home, like the time I studied at university in Taoyuan.

Nobody will really die of Taipei Syndrome but people will get lazier and stop thinking anything because you don’t want to fight for anything, you just want to relax for the rest of the day and enjoy the only happiness you have. This syndrome will standstill the working ability of the city and the country and it is a chronic disease, you don’t see the result in a short time.

The good thing is when you realize you had this kind of syndrome and you rescue yourself on time before you made it incurable. The prescription doesn’t say leaving is the medicine for it, because it is a chronic disease, so you should look into it and find a way to cure from the root.

Let’s get rid of it! That will be the goal of the year!






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