[Diary] Refusal

Dear Friend,

Nobody likes to be turned down, but there is no ways you can prevent from any kinds of refusal in your life.

If you had a chance to discover someone was your friend on Facebook but you found you were no longer friends anymore on Facebook, what would you react? I was just in this situation. I just wanted to browse some of my friends which are not really close to each other, but I thought of Facebook as a contact tool in case you need some help from people or you go to some cities and you can visit them or something like that. However, I saw “add friend" button showing while I browsed this person’s timeline and I just realized this person had deleted our friendship.

Actually, it didn’t hurt but it made me feel weird. It seemed that I was the only one who cared about this relationship, but the other just didn’t give a shit. In the end, we were not that close so I didn’t really feel bad. But it made me wonder why this person approved our friendship in the beginning and then regretted being my friend. Take me as an example, if I deleted a friend, it must be a harassment or annoying stuff and I can’t stand anymore. So, why would this person do this? I didn’t post anything on this person’s timeline. I didn’t send any harassed message. I didn’t tag this person in any picture. Or maybe, is because I didn’t do anything since we were friend on Facebook. What if this person expected I will say something? What if this person thought we would have some connection? What if it was the Facebook’s problem, it deleted by system and it turned out to be that I blamed on this person?

It doesn’t matter anymore.

Only the person who cares about you will continue caring about you. Those friendship which people don’t care about is not important at all. I know the feeling of being deleted is like being turned down, just like they refuse being friends with you anymore. But those friendship if you keep it, you won’t feel happy because they treat you like nothing.

This example can be further on any kinds of formation, such as job opportunity, your date, relationship between you and anybody. If they don’t care about you, then you don’t need to care about them. They gave up treating a nice person, that is their lost, and they don’t have any chances to look back so you need to move on to show them you are way better than they thought of who you are.

Remember, you are the only one who will see everything happened in your life, and it is not worth sticking to people or things like that. Making yourself happy is the only way to live on your life. Don’t care about those refusals, ask them to fxxk themselves because you worth anything better than them.






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