[Diary] The Job and The Date

Dear Friend,

I’m just got dumped. Not by any specific person, it was by all the supervisors which I had interviewed with.

It made me feel so weird because we had a great conversation during the interviews, but they don’t really answer me in a few days. It is just like having sex with them and they don’t want to have any connections with you because they are that kind of people who are not really looking for long term relationship.

Finding a job is really tough nowadays, not only because I am picky, but also the bosses are picky. While people are finding jobs, the bosses are finding the perfect candidate of the vacancy. You maybe want to have intimacy with some dates, but you definitely don’t want to have this kind of relationship with the companies. Well, I don’t. I want to have a stable relationship with both date and company.

The major problem would be parents I guess. If you’re seeing anyone, your parents definitely would give some of their opinions, and they would say no especially to those you like the most. Same as jobs. In my opinion, parents have the same standards of choosing the opportunity and choosing your date. But eventually that’s all what they want, not we want. When we choose the one they don’t like, they will talk about this forever!! Yes, forever!!

I know it is hard to find the right person, and the right opportunity. I admit at this point I’m a loser, but so what? I want to find the person I think it is right, and I want to find a job I think I will like it, not being judged by other people or any other standards.

I still believe that honesty is the best policy because no matter how you pretend in the beginning, you will show who you are the later days you are getting along with. Well, but I guess, neither those people who are looking for dates or those bosses like to hear the truth.






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