[Diary] Objectify Myself

Dear Friend,

We can’t avoid being an object and try to promote ourselves during every interview. Suddenly, I realized that we all have the ability of being a sales person and a marketing assistant.

Sometimes we know that the sales person can be wrong but they try to make the product as best as you couldn’t find any other similar product in the world. They are hiding something. Although you know that, you would still be convinced, so that you try to cut the price. Price is the only variable you have power to bargain with. When we are having interviews, that’s exactly the same thing I’m talking about.

The companies are the customers and you are the sales person. You try very very hard to promote yourself until somebody wants to pay the bill. They need the product but as I said, the only thing they could change is how much they are willing to pay. So they will find all the defects you have when this very understanding sales person is talking about the product, then they can cut the price to make everything seems better.

No matter the deal is done or not, the sales person and the product must be humiliated during the bargaining. And most importantly, the sales person must smile at every challenge and every insult.

Today, I was thinking when I bought something. Why did I choose this one? Will I cherish it? Do they have emotion to be joyful or to be sad? Do they try very hard standing on the shelf perfectly?

We objectified ourselves. We can’t do this and we can’t do that because the buyers wouldn’t pay anything if we’ve done this or that. Why do we treat us like this? Do they cherish us after the deal?

It really made me think a lot. I’m not saying that we can do whatever we want to do during the interview. I’m talking about the fair. We are not the product, maybe the process looks the same, but we have conscious to be happy at every compliment and to be sad at every humiliation. I’m not being arrogant to pick anything, but if you think you are the only one who is choosing, then I have to say sorry, because you must have never watched Toy Story, they don’t accept if they treat them bad.

And I want to tell myself. Be confident, not arrogant. Trust your feeling whenever you have any chance to talk to people. Choose the one who knows how to respect and understand you.






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