[Diary] The Wedding

Dear Friend,

The older you get, the more wedding invitations you receive. I’ve been attending three weddings in last three months, and I’ve seen at least five friends of mine on Facebook proposing to their partners this year, I mean, last year. I haven’t had any friends getting married the year before but soon I’ve got so many invitations. Well, it is lovely, isn’t it? But I’m just wondering how they decide the moment of proposing.

Today, while I was watching the video of the groom proposing to the bride, I was thinking if he ever discussed with her before? I know it is a surprise, but what if the other says she’s not ready?

Thanks to the Facebook, I can see so many friends changing their partners from these years to those people I don’t know. And, they are getting married. What makes the right one and what makes the wrong one is my biggest question. It bothers me sometimes but since I am not even counted as a freshman of love, I should leave this question until I have one to date.

It is not the first time I’ve been attending the wedding, but those weddings are my parents’ friends’ weddings or my parents’ friends’ kids’ weddings. I have no idea who the person on the stage with beautiful dress or handsome look. Although it somehow illustrates the outline of wedding, I still can’t have much impression until your friends are getting married.

I know, friends’ weddings and best friends’ weddings are different, but since I don’t have any best friends’ weddings, let’s leave this aside. ( I think I have a lot to talk about in the future…)

When I realized that other than giving wishes to the bride and the groom, the wedding is a part of old friends reunion and meeting relatives of bride and groom. Most of the time I don’t really talk to my friends who are getting married, I know, they are busy, but I thought that is the point about attending the wedding. So most people will focus on the dishes on the wedding unavoidably.

However, the best thing about attending the wedding is not only the dishes, somehow I almost can remember all dishes, but also you can start to imagine what your wedding is going to be. Well, at least you can eliminate the things you don’t like on the wedding you’ve been to.

The dishes are not creative enough or how many tables is the most appropriate amount. Especially I’ve just been to three different weddings in a short time and I saw so many similar things and I am working as a PR person.

Hence, I would say the more wedding you’ve been to, the more experience you’ve got and you will know what you can do. Maybe when I receive certain amount wedding invitations, I will memorize all the process of the weddings and I can see all the weddings as different case studies.

Fine, in practical, I should think about my wedding stuff after I have a person to date… Bless me!!







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