The Song of WK1: Pentatonix – Bohemian Rhapsody

Topic of WK1: Relieving

Starting this fabulous year with two days off, I feel like kind of relieving although it doesn’t mean I don’t need to work anymore. Anyway, no more New Year’s Eve gathering cause I just feel exhausted whenever people want to stay up late without doing something fun, or actually it is fun but you are tired due to the hard work and everything been through in a year. This year, I choose to stay at home, and it turns out to be relaxing for myself.

You know what, I decide to make my own choices more this year, like in a New Year Resolution thing. While I was stuck in the mud in 2017 or the past, I think it is time for me to move on in 2018 since I’ve met a wonderful supervisor and he taught me a lot. After my trip to Italy in the end of 2017, I just found out that I am still obsessed with Europe, no matter the lifestyle, the people, the food, everything turns me on. Working 2 years in Taiwan makes me stop moving forward or looking around, maybe it is because I pay more attention to the media in Taiwan, or I spend too much time in my job.

Looking back in 2017, it wasn’t really bad for me, first of all, I’ve traveled to Japan, Cambodia and Italy which was pretty awesome and inspired, I really enjoy traveling alone because it is so flexible. However, I still need to pay back to my parents since I borrowed a lot from them. Second, I keep practicing my violin and I’ve got one chance to perform in front of people again though it was really lame cause I was nervous. And I believe I improve a lot so I will keep working on it. Third, I’ve got promoted from Account Executive to Account Supervisor and it sounds better than the old one if I promoted earlier — Senior Account Executive. C’mon! You’ve worked for more than two years and you are still an executive? From assistant to senior, it doesn’t make your title stand out. A supervisor sounds really cool instead of an executive, thank god they changed the title since the year I was promoted. But this really proves my hardworking. Forth, I took the test of Mandarin Teacher Certification, and I passed three out of five with only reading in one month or something like that. I would do this because I want to work overseas so bad, and this certification can guarantee that I may have a job because not many native people can teach Mandarin there I supposed. So after I accomplish the test for getting the certificate, I may start teaching in Taiwan to have the experience so that I can show to whatever I am going to work overseas. Last but not the least, I cleaned up my room after removing my old desk so that I can do any work on my new desk now! Also, my room is getting bigger because I threw out so many things that I would never use it I bet. Well, there was a saying about the room is like the person or something, now I felt so much relieved!

I know I spend too much talking about last year, but this is week 1 of 2018 so it can be some kind of review I think. Especially when the fortune teller told me that I’d better change my job in 2018, I don’t really care about too much my work although it may be really awful to my new supervisor. I like him a lot, in multiple ways, like brothers, like friends, like lovers, I don’t know, he just makes me feel comfortable being myself and talking shit or anything stupid to him. He would be the only thing I may regret leaving this company. But I have to make my own decisions so let’s see if I may find my new job this year! However, after I came back from Europe, I just felt more open-minded like the old days at ITI when I studied with foreign teachers. I just don’t really care a lot of things but myself this week, well, it doesn’t mean I don’t work hard, but I have to know what I am doing more than learning everything.

Else, I spend too much money on my friends so I need to do the budget control on it, after I came back from Italy, I literally have dinner date with my friends every day. I will go bankrupt sooner or later since I haven’t clear my debt to my parents. This year is definitely a great year to save more money because I have to prepare for my next job. This journal is the promise to myself of the persistence, hope we all can see there are 52 articles of my journal in 2018!




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