The Song of WK2: Sufjan Stevens – Mystery of Love

Topic of WK2: Overwhelmed

The week of my birthday, and I supposed to be someone who enjoy this week entirely, but you know that working in a PR agency can always have something to make you feel shitty anyway. Nothing related to my client, but just that our kick-off meeting is on Sunday, and we have to compete with other teams by proposing a full marketing plan with the same brief on Monday. However, we received brief on the day of competition last year, but this year, we got brief earlier so that everyone was so nervous and worried about the competition. We almost forgot that we had a real job. You know, when we are really busy, we can be really fully occupied by so many tasks.

I just hate the idea of receiving this brief earlier than the day of competition because people would rather give up their work than do research about the competition. Basically, I was totally overwhelmed, and I was wondering if it is acceptable for myself working like a dog and having really low salary. Well, it makes me start thinking of changing my job. And my bosses pissed me off by being disrespectful more than 2 times, if it wasn’t because of my supervisor, I would leave as soon as possible.

Well, as for my birthday, I celebrated it for myself alone. Birthday is actually another day for me, it is similar to New Year’s Eve, another day again. I went to my old place to see if everything still remained the same. I watched a movie, Call Me By My Name, which reminded me of every relationship I had. The purest love between both main characters is adorable and I think it can adapt into everyone. I watched a concert of my favorite female singer, she is not only a great musician, but also a fantastic philosopher, I really enjoyed her songs because I love thinking every word she wrote and those songs went through my darkest time.

I was so obsessed with Sufjan Stevens because of CMBYN, and his music is amazing. You can feel how people talk to each other, feel each other, see each other by listening to his music. Really admired him by his work in this movie, absolutely recommend it.




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