The Song of WK3: John Adams – Hallelujah Junction

Topic of WK3: Stepping out of Comfort Zone

Since I am still in the mood of CMBYN, I am really crazy about the original sound tracks that’s why I share this song with you this week. Classical music just brought me back to the age when I learned piano, so I started to listen to the classical music. The funny thing is that I thought Bach was a stubborn and boring guy because his music is about using the same pattern like climbing up or falling down. Now I just realize that his music is brilliant because you can feel the way he talks to people with firm and solid tone without any hesitation, that’s the part I think he is charming.

Speaking of the music, I am going to start my new course tomorrow, contemporary composing with Logic Pro X, and I hope I can develop my own music by starting this course although I learned the beginning course like 5 years ago. So the most important of all, I have to change my bad habit about making anything 100% in the beginning, because nothing can be completed without getting started when you have no clue to try or to do something different. Entry barrier is really big and tough for people to walk over in the beginning for everything, but if you don’t move forward, the barrier is almost as high as the wall, so maybe next time I need to step out of my comfort zone. Same as my violin, now I have to practice as hard as I can to level up a bit by a bit. I think I used to take advantage of my intelligence to make things easy however it is not the right way to do things. It is time now to make myself a better person.

Luckily, I don’t have much work to do this week despite I worked very hard to pitch new business by this Wednesday. Sometimes I just don’t like to get everything messed together, but that’s the thing you can’t avoid when you work in PR. Take this week for example, I’ve been doing all the urgent financial procedure about issuing invoice, remitting money, signing contract, and so much things, and it drove me really crazy and insane due to the counterpart was not so nice!

For the biggest part of this week would be my company’s year-end party, as all companies in our group need to be integrated and consolidated in one big company in the future, so that’s why the theme of year-end party was wedding and we have to dress up like this. The party was spectacular and fabulous but considering too many people celebrate together doesn’t make people united I think.

As for my goal, I am trying really hard to achieve it by reading magazines about 2018 forecast. Hope I can finish them by this month. And I can spend less time playing mobile game because I know other things are more important! Will finish all the CNY letters on week 4, and start from stepping out of my comfort zone!




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