I. Glee Club or Guitar Club? [1]

Everyone has a high school story to tell, and of course I do, although it is not as much fun as what movies’ like. High school is the time and the period you are being someone important or following someone important, as long as nothing involved bullied, being anyone is totally fine for me. Well, I am not someone important, but I do like to follow someone important, maybe because of affection, I think. I was a teenager, you can’t blame on me, right? I did follow someone who was like douchebag, and I felt in love for this person, V, so I made so many weird and bad choices because I really wanted to be around V and attract V’s attention. First year in high school, it must be really exciting since I think it is a new start for me to be different, not necessary to be someone important, but to be someone I wanted to be. Well, I was failed because of V.

Among all boring classes in high school, clubs may be our only redemption. Before we filled in the priority of clubs application, said “I think I would choose glee club, it looks quite nice! And I want to meet some other great singers over there!” My first priority was guitar club, but because of what Vsaid, I changed my priority to glee club. A week later, we saw the announcement on the bulletin board, and yes, I got into the glee club! However, when I looked for V’s name, I just found out V chose another club, cheerleading club. My heart was totally broken because I felt cheated. When I came to V and V just told me “What club? Oh shit! I forgot to fill in and hand in the application form! Why cheerleading club?” So I had a different high school life after I chose glee club, and thanks to V, I just met the first douchebag in my world.

In that summer, we had an trial audition for the contest, and I knew that I am not the material of singing, but I enjoyed singing. Four glee clubs from different high schools gathered to see if their new blood were talented, so it was my turn to sing a little bit, was my turn to sing a little bit, and my choice is:

Simple Plan — I’m Just A Kid


Yeah, I know it wouldn’t be the best choice, but it somehow described my feelings. I’m not sure if you can still remember that there would be a TV in stores and they played pop song music videos. This song was the one I remember the most since I had watched for over 3 times because I was waiting for my cousin picking shoes or bags.

We all know we should have had a rebellious childhood while we were in the high school, and eventually it will becomes the best time of your life whenever you look back. This song really made my guitar club dream coming back, so I started to play guitar with my other two classmates who didn’t pick guitar club as their first priority either.

While our teacher asked us to pick a song to be our target or material, I picked this very hard song from where I heard in animation, BLEACH:


You know, I did have a really geek childhood, and expected to be rebellious or popular in school sometimes. And yeah, of course our teacher didn’t count it as our material because it apparently was too hard for the beginners. However, this is the first time I knew YUI, and become her fans since then. She used to name her songs in English, and this was the coolest part for me because I thought Japanese didn’t like to speak in English. She was really a hit in Japan at that time, not only because of this song, but also she played in a movie as a character who couldn’t show up under the sun otherwise she would die, called taiyou no uta(タイヨウのうた) which means the song of the sun. The theme song was really a good hit:

YUI — Good Bye Days

But when I was in the ninth grade, I fell in love with another person, GG was really mean but that’s why I had feelings with G. And the weirdest thing was that we became good friends because we went to the same cram school and prepared for the same university together. One day, I bought an album of YUI, and would like to share with G, although G didn’t know any Japanese, G still took and listened to the album, and then G shared the music with me:

Amber Kuo — Hurry Up

In the end, G said it was really hard to understand the songs because it was all Japanese. But I totally enjoyed the songs G shared with me, and maybe on the other hand, Amber Kuo, studied at the same high school as us, so I just felt that she was really cool. (However, she is totally messed up now, not only the plastic surgeries, but also her public opinions)

Well, that was the simple part of my high school affection and kind of the trigger to be appealed by a variety of music genres, and also the begin of falling for music. Jerks are everywhere, especially in high schools. You fall for them, and they don’t really give any shit to you anyways. For myself, I can’t change anything in the past, but I would choose guitar club if following my own mind. Even if I fell in love with these people, I am still being thankful due to meeting so many great music, no matter in which language, no matter you play it or sing it, the music is the music, which makes you feel better when you around them. Like V or G or anyone I am going to introduce in the following stories, they don’t bite you, but when they are around you, you feel them.




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