II. Dance With Me [1]

met L when I was in the university. was a playful person, and L would like to share everything with you. In university, you must find a friend to share all of your lives, otherwise, you would be bored to die. L was one of my best friend at that time.

There was an audition for being an English DJ, and you needed to submit your future program and your recording file of self introduction in English, so I asked L to join with me, of course L would love do such a thing with me. Because we had 3 episodes for the show, and we didn’t have to live stream the show, just recorded the content and aired, we decided to record High School Musical since we loved music and drama combining together. I believed one day L or me would get in Broadway or any kinds of show, we were crazy about performing. One thing I liked L is that we had exactly the same taste, so in the movie of High School Musical, we didn’t like the main characters Troy and Gabriella, that’s just because we liked Sharpay and Ryan more. Despite that Sharpay and Ryan were more like the villains in the movie, they had more vivid personalities, and they were real to be who they were. We were not the fairy tales and prince charming coming people so all of our scripts were so cynical. The other point we enjoyed High School Musical was that every detail in the movie was like in Broadway, no matter how they dance or how they sing was so outstandingly amazing! You can tell from the clip below:

High School Musical 3 (Ashley Tisdale, Lucas Grabeel)— I Want It All

Well, this was the first project I’ve worked with L. And it turned out to be really great because we are so matched. Then L introduced me one actress and who was also a singer, Zooey Deschanel, because she was L’s favorite actress at that time when her role started to draw people’s attention, such as Yes Man(500) Days of Summer. I was Joesph Gordon-Levitt’s big fan then, so after (500) Days of Summer was launched, I fell in love with this two fabulous characters. I didn’t know Zooey has a band, but after I listened to her songs, it really amazed me! L played this song because we were the partner of hosting all performances for our class activities and L was thinking about making moves for the ball with this song:

She & Him — In The Sun


Although we did have great time, we had a fight because of the activities. However, it didn’t change the fact that we are still friends, we don’t have to work together but we can still play together. For the last dance we made for the activity, we really put a lot of efforts into it, and we chose the song which was quite a hit:

Magic Power — Exclusive Magic (ft. Amber Kuo)


An activity would come to an end, but a friendship might not be. L has really great taste in music so that’s what I really appreciate I learned so much from L. Now we all enjoy escape the room game, and I believe our story would be a lot more to be written in the future, who knows?




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