The Journey Of Mine

Hi, this is Benson, I’m almost 30, it is like a young adult to me. What is young adult? It is a little bit like you have to know a lot of things and solve problems like a grown-up, but you still have a young heart to see through every detail and feel every moment.

I just want to share my stories with you. Although they might not be fascinating, they are still part of me or I could say the composition of me. I would like to share my stories like in a diary without a specific day. To highlight something happened before or what’s going on right now, I may introduce one or two songs to be the theme, just so you know the background music in the movies, and it will be the best description of mine in the moment or in the past.

I would like to divide my life into four pieces, the first phase is the time I was studying, no matter it was elementary school, high school or university, those are the time I was hanging out with my classmates; the second phase is the time I served in the army, although it was only 1 year, it truly changed my life by doing everything with a bunch of boys who came from with different stories; the third phase is the time I spent overseas, it was 100 days in Europe, that was my first time staying overseas and learned somethings from totally different world; then it comes to the fourth phase, which is about now and my first job, public relations. I wouldn’t say there will be only four phases of my life, but it may be happened when I’m writing my journey.

If you are ready to go on my journey, then I will begin writing…



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