The Song of WK4: Foster the People – Pumped up Kicks

Topic of WK4: Dilemma

What would make a life better? I’ve always believed that life is full of decisions. You have to choose what to have for lunch, you have to choose something to buy at this store instead of the other, you have to choose taking shower now or after finishing what you’re doing right now, you have to choose going jogging in the neighborhood or in the gym. Everyday we face so many questions and there are thousands of decisions we have to make. Sometimes, we meet dilemma that both ends are not really good and it is really difficult to give an answer.

Let’s talk about something bigger, take career for an example, quitting a job is as hard as interviewing a new job. But, yeah, if you don’t really enjoy that much in one job and don’t have good relationship with colleagues then it is much easier. In most of Asian parents’ mind, working in a big company and for at least 10 years or even 20 years is regular because they think it can help you accumulate the experience and raise salary standard and of course have a nicer job title. However, that is like the past tense in this information explosion world. They are baby boomers and we are millennials. I am not saying which one is better, but we have different problems to deal with. They lived in a vivid and promising environment, so they know if they work harder in one company then they can get paid well and even get a better reputation. So that they built up this economic world, and we were born in this generation to have varied resources and in this global village to connect with each other through so many social media online. Nowadays, people don’t like to work in one company for over 10 years, let’s not say 10 years, 5 years are really enough for most millennials because we have so many choices, seldom people rather stay in one company till retirement than change to another greater job.

I am the person who doesn’t really know what I want so I work in a PR agency to help myself develop different industry knowledge. Now I think I can tell the outline after digging out for a long time. But it is really hard to say good bye to the company right now because so many talented people and great friends are there. Recall last week’s topic, stepping out of comfort zone, it is still a hard one for me.

I just realized that things I have to deal with alone are simpler to make decision, I want to learn composing music, I want to take the test of English, I want to learn how to teach Mandarin. But when it has something to do with others, I would hold back by considering a perfect situation. Maybe I was trained too well by taking every breath carefully in case missing any. It makes me suffocate sometimes. I know in the end I will make the decision and I know what the decision is but not sure how I will make it. Time will tell and the right timing can help me avoid awkward situation, I guess!




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