The Song of WK5: Yoga Lin – Go Around

Topic of WK5: Money Saving Challenge

Suddenly it comes to February, time is really a mystery passenger, sometimes you feel it goes so fast that you can’t feel time flies, but sometimes you feel it goes so slow that you wish time could go faster. Well, this year has already passed a twelfth, and I’ve started this journal for a month, other than this, I also started writing something about PR somewhere else, hope this could be my experience for new beginner, and it can help me organize the learning for my past years.

When it comes to Chinese New Year, every company starts year-end party and gives year-end bonus, although we don’t have much, it still reminds me what efforts I’ve done in 2017. And the most important of all, I don’t really save any money because I went to so many places last year, Japan, Cambodia, and Italy, that really killed my wallet, but I had so much fun! Recently, I read an article about saving money, and I think it might be useful to me, so I would like to start and share with everyone here.

It calls “Money Saving Challenge". All you have to do is saving money every week, but the volume is getting higher, which means you have to save more and more in the later weeks. First week, you can save only 10 dollars, but on 52nd week, you may save around 10,000 dollars, it all depends on your salary. The saving climbs up every week so that you won’t feel painful on the first couple months, and when it comes to a habit, you will get used to save money although my problem is spending too much lol

I started trying a lot of new things this year, and I hope this will be another great challenge for me. I should set up a goal for saving enough money in case I would like to quit my job, and I have to survive with all these money!




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