The Song of WK6: Spinvis – Smalfilm

Topic of WK6: Language Exchange

I met a Dutch online few weeks ago, and he said he will arrive Taiwan on 2/11. Although I haven’t checked with him if he is in Taipei, I recall the conversation about exchanging language, that’s why I shared the song which is in Dutch.

I am always looking forward to meeting foreigners, maybe it is because I can be whoever I want to when I speak to them, but I agree that speaking in a different language makes you think like a different person. That’s the amazing part of language learning. When you speak in Mandarin, you may become more conservative, but in English, you will be more open-minded. We change the way of thinking by speaking in a different language, so I feel really comfortable when I speak in English even if I am not the native speaker.

There are so many language learning tools online, like Duolingo, the one I used very much few years ago. I stopped because I was lazy, but it help me learn so many language by reading, speaking, listening and writing. It is not the perfect one, so I still believe the best way to learn a language is talking to a native speaker. Language exchange totally works although most people are looking for something else, such as sex. Also, if you don’t use the language you are learning a lot, you will forget the vocabulary, the pronunciation, the phrases and so on. Take my French learning for example, I don’t use it at all, so it is only appearing on Duolingo. But take my Japanese learning for example, I play video games, watch drama from Japan, it appears in my daily life so I will keep learning them.

I am wondering if I need a test of IELTS for my future career since I’ve got 900 out of 990 in TOEIC three years ago, so afraid of having lower score after so many years not really using English intensively. Language is the way we communicate, and it creates so many cultural things in it. Hope I will meet this Dutch to learn something in Dutch and help him learn Mandarin.




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